NaNoWriMo 2014 Update: Day 10

After forcing myself to take a much-needed break from writing yesterday, I am ready to start today.

As I have said before, I’m now on chapter four of the story and it’s very significant, as Noelle is going through some unexpected changes. Her aunt, a Christian and a prominent objector of “The Silver Stones” series, as recently died and her cousins have moved in with the family. None of them are fans of “The Silver Stones” and the oldest, Celeste, has given Noelle a ton of abuse over the years because of her love for Dylan Drake.

Plus, Noelle was given a creative writing assignment in English class, which was something she cannot do without thinking about Dylan Drake. She has had a history of failing to get her English homework done because of her obsession with Dylan, and she had (more than once) turned in a paper full of Dylan Drake fan fiction instead of the assigned homework. But now, she has to write an assignment based in the book “The Great Gatsby“, which she knows that she will fail to do.

Plus, her most popular fan fiction suffers some backlash due to the death of a popular character and she also is the subject of an online flame war (which we’ll get to in chapter 4). Noelle is also in the church play, and until that moment, she hasn’t given church any thought.

Will Noelle be able to handle the craziness that is in her life AND be able to write her fan fiction stories? Don’t count on it!

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