NaNoWriMo 2014 Update: Day 6

Chapter 2 of Confessions of a Fan Fiction Writer starts off with a death in Noelle’s family; an aunt who vehemently objected to “The Silver Stones” being read by children suddenly dies of cancer. This means that Noelle’s cousins are being sent to live with Noelle’s family since their father is unable to take care of them.

This being said, Noelle hasn’t been able to get along with them.

Noelle describes a particularly difficult summer with her oldest cousin, Celeste. Celeste is a Christian girl who hates “The Silver Stones” because all her friends were able to read it and not her. Plus, she is not too fond of Dylan Drake for the same reasons.

(So, if you have a cousin who screams at you and pushes you down because you like something and he/she doesn’t, CALL THE POLICE!!! Your personal safety is NOT a joke!)

With the knowledge that Celeste is returning to make her life worse, Noelle is forced to put the brakes on her Dylan Drake obsession. She strips down her bedroom to bare walls and is forced to hide her Dylan Drake stuff in the wine cellar. Plus, she is forced to pretend to have gotten over her obsession in favor of becoming a…teenager.

But even then, that’s not enough for her, as that stunt leads her to doing two things that she hates, such as killing off an (un)popular character in her fan fiction and even putting in a reference to Monty Python & the Holy Grail. Noelle realizes that in doing so, she had compromised herself and let down scores of her many fans. Plus, to make matters worse, a member of Noelle’s club has apparently stabbed her in the back, leading her to wonder if it was even worth being a fangirl in the first place.

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