English: Ink and pen sketch of fictional character

English: Ink and pen sketch of fictional character (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m on the second part of Chapter 1 of this story and so far, we have heard too much about Noelle’s obsession with the fictional character Dylan Drake and too little about her actual life.

But not to worry, as this story gets better.

For a long time, the entire school that Noelle attended was obsessed with “The Silver Stones” series, forming clubs and debating the books non-stop. But when a fan war breaks out in the school cafeteria, the authorities decide that it was time to put an end to the kids’ reading of the “Silver Stones”.

First came several other books (that echo Twilight, Percy Jackson, and the Maze Runner), that sought to replace “The Silver Stones“. Second, all clubs relating to “The Silver Stones” were ordered to shut down. By the time the story begins, Noelle’s club (the Dylan Drake Devotees) is the only club dedicated to the Silver Stones that still remains, yet the club is forced to go underground.

Thankfully, Noelle is kind enough to inform us that the year that the story takes place is 2011 and she lives in New Mexico. “The Silver Stones” series is dying out because of a lack of interest in turning the books into a movie, and there were no new books released. Noelle tells us that she imagines going on adventures with Dylan Drake in her fan fiction, yet she knows that her days as a Dylan Drake fangirl are numbered…

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