NaNoWriMo 2014 Update: Day 3

If the first part of the prologue began with two sisters (one, a famous author and the other sister a dismal failure), then we have part two of the prologue, which includes the story about Noelle Forbes.

Noelle is only six years old in the prologue, but before we meet her, we have to see the book that launched her obsession with fan fiction.

The fantasy book seriesThe Silver Stones” was written by Judi Pockett. Almost immediately upon publication, the books are condemned by scores of famous authors left and right, and rejected by parents for their blatant depiction of witchcraft and anti-Christian sentiments.

In fact, when the pastor of the church that noelle’s family attended advocated spanking the children if they ask to read the “The Silver Stones“, Noelle’s father left the building in a huff, taking his family with him. Noelle realizes that because her family rejected church, she decided to read “The Silver Stones“. One of the characters in the books is an orphan boy named Dylan Drake, who quickly becomes a popular character despite the main hero’s popularity.

And that’s where the story begins.

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