Serial Saturdays: For every Josie, there is a Seth, a Moira, a Trixie, and a Jacey

I’m still on Episode 7 of The Teen Rebels and from the looks of it, Josie Tremlett-Kahn is as different as different can be. She refuses to fit in with the other kids at her school and does whatever it takes to stand out, which includes her friendship with Seth Burke, Moira Downing, and Trixie Kalbrunner and standing up for her friend Jacey Mayford.

Now we have the blog post that talks about them and how they relate to Josie.

When we first meet Seth, he is 12 years old, and not very confident with himself. He tells Josie that no one really speaks to him outside of the school, and people are generally surprised if he speaks to them for more than three minutes. Later, we find out that Seth is living with a family of anti-American anarchists, who blame White people for all of America‘s problems and want to do away with them altogether.

14-year-old Moira Downing is seen as the loser of Montagne Beach Middle School, and is despised by many of the students. When she meets Josie, she reveals that she didn’t exactly have a great childhood, which amounted to psychological and physical abuse from various family members and even rape from a family friend. Moira hopes that her mother and grandmother will still want her in their lives, but some things cannot be promised.

16-year-old Trixie Kalbrunner has been the brunt of all bad jokes. Not only was she kept secret from the Kalbrunner/Stebbins family, but she suffered from a host of various abuses and was locked away from the world for five years. When Josie, Seth, and Moira come to Trixie’s rescue, things seem to get worse for her, such as her being all but disowned by her father and rejected by the other members of the family.

As for Jacey, her issues with her mental health were brought upon by a cruel and abusive mother and a kind but clueless father. Her encounter with the Teen Rebels forces her to put aside all her childhood fantasies and come down to earth.

These four kids all meet Josie and she helps them escape from the hardships of their lives; yet she can’t save them from their pasts. The sad stories that Seth, Moira, Trixie, and Jacey had to endure eventually affect Josie and everyone who is in her life.

To all the Seths who grew up in families that hate America, the Moiras who are bullied and abused, the Trixies that are banished from their families, and the Jaceys who suffer from mental illnesses and have no one who help them, there is hope. The Josies who are normal and have normal lives are out there, waiting for you to cross their path.

I’ll be back with more as the story goes on.

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