NaNoWriMo 2014: Why Did I Come Up With This Story?

Now that I have announced the title of the story, I think that the next thing that you’re all dying to know is why I came up with the title and synopsis of the story.

First, I’m basing this off my own personal experiences with writing fan fiction. Next, I toss in a few references to a harry potter-like character that many people seem to like. then there’s the ongoing debate over whether or not fan fiction should be allowed.

Also, there is the usual debate over if magic is permissible or not in a fantasy story.

The main character in the story is obsessed with writing fan fiction, even to the point of neglecting her original stories. She strives to be the #1 fan fiction writer on the Internet. But when her English teacher decides to ban fan fiction altogether, the main character must figure out a way to convince him that there’s nothing wrong with fan fiction.

So there’s the story. I plotted this one out months ago, but I know that some of the things that I must take out and some things that I will be keeping. Next week, I will begin writing the story.

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