Time for NaNoWriMo

After months of anticipation, I am going to announce what the story for this year is going to be.

And the 2014 NaNoWriMo story is going to be…Confessions of a Fan Fiction Writer!

Fan fiction, you’re all saying. She’s going to write a story about fan fiction? Why is she doing that?

My response to that is, well, since there’s so much hype about fan fiction nowadays, I’m going to give my answer to the real issue at hand: is fan fiction really literature, or just an excuse to create something that isn’t really “yours“?

Here’s how this story goes: 16-year-old Noelle Forbes is obsessed with Dylan Drake, a character in the popular fantasy series “The Silver Stones“. She has spent hours writing tons of fan fiction about Dylan Drake, and unwisely shuts out several other stories that are better than “The Silver Stones“.

She’s also going through some real-life problems, such as a cousin who hates Dylan Drake and thinks that “The Silver Stones” is full of witchcraft, her best friend’s home problems, jealous classmates, and a play that she has agreed to perform at a local church. Noelle must also wrestle with her own self-doubt, in both creativity and otherwise; she also deals with an English teacher who vehemently hates fan fiction and wants to do away with it, saying that fan fiction is nothing more than plagiarism as well as “the end of all decent creative writing“.

I would say more, but that’ll give away the story. So I shall close out with a release date of the story is to be determined at a later date.

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