Strong Female Characters, Part IV

The time has come for us to say “goodbye” to “strong female characters“.

I mean, we’ve seen way too many of those, especially those who are snarky, kick butt wearing a chain mail bikini, and act as if men are the most disgusting creatures to walk on the face of the earth. Isn’t this sad?

What we need are women who are more than just “strong“. Why can’t we have some women who are the villains? when last I checked, not all women are the sweet, flowery kind that we so hate. Those women can have an evil agenda once we scrape away the sweetness that coats their outsides.

We need some female characters who are seen as weak, but they have an inner strength that shocks everyone who they come into contact with. (I’ll get back to that later)

We need some female characters who are considered “losers“, the type who aren’t brave, strong, or smart. these women have flaws that make them human. they are insecure about their looks. We need those badly.

I’ll be back with a list of women who i think are strong, and why I think they are strong. You will be pleasantly surprised to see who makes my list.

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Fantasy & Asperger’s Part VIII

When we last left off, Juniper Chadwell and Caleb Ketterbridge are now living in their own fantasy worlds, but they quickly discover that their fantasy worlds aren’t what they were cracked up to be.

Now we are still focusing on Juniper as she goes from a girl who shuts out the world to a girl who learns to live in the world.

When we first meet Juniper in the story “Adventures in Eswoth”; she is little more than a fangirl of “The Trees of Light” trilogy by D. B. Painter. In fact, she likes the books so much that she makes the fatal mistake of shutting out other books (that are probably much better than the Trees of Light) as well as shutting out her family and other people who could easily lend her an ear.

In chapter 2 of the story, she wanders off into an abandoned house one day after school and ends up in an alternative world. There she quickly learns that living solely in her imagination shielded her from the harsh realities of life, and because she ignored the real world, its problems seeped into her fantasy world.

Here’s what happens to her next:

After Juniper ends up in Eswoth, she is shocked by what she sees. far from it being the magical place of her imagination, this version of Eswoth is very cold and brutal, as if a rebellion took place and part of the castle was damaged. She wakes up to find out that she is indeed Melody Fallsworth, but she is not the princess that she imagined herself to be.

Without giving too much of the story away (since I have yet to reach that point), I will say that Melody’s family was killed in the fire at the palace and she must flee from her uncle, who has assumed the throne. she picks up several allies, who resolve to fight for her birthright and dethrone her uncle.

But this story is a twisted fairy tale where the good guys aren’t always good and the bad guys aren’t what they appear to be. Juniper herself doesn’t know who she truly is, if she has any idea of her identity at all.

For all the imagining that she has done, her imagination doesn’t exactly fit into the reality around her as she expected it to be.

That is all for Juniper, but I will add more as I continue to write her story. Next week, we will be seeing Caleb’s side of the story and how his Asperger’s affects his life as he deals with his long-lost legacy.

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