Over the weekend, I discovered this little site called Yarny, which is a site that helps you write your story in a less demanding environment. 

What’s unique about this site is that you can create snippets of a story and divide them into parts or chapters, list all the characters that are in the book, and even arrange to have the story published on Amazon. I figured that I would use this site to kick off a few short stories and some classics that have started to clog my brain as of late. 

Maybe I’ll use it for NaNoWriMo this year. Who knows?

Website address: https://yarny.me/

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Story and TV Crossovers

While we’re still on the subject on the crossover between “The Teen Rebels” and “Temmy & Venus”, we have to be mindful of the fact that crossovers have happened before, and they have occurred more often than you think.

Well, here’s a list of famous crossovers:

But what does this have to do with the two groups in question?

First off, Josie and Temmy are the leaders of their respective groups, yet their lives are completely different. Temmy is an orphan and lives with her brother Bailey with a family that despises them; Josie is more well-adjusted, living in a stable family . Both girls become the leaders of their respective groups, yet Josie seems to notice the anarchist Seth, the loner Moira, and the socially inept Trixie; Temmy has difficulties making new friends, especially friends who are not Setsuke.

But enough about that.

The Teen Rebels cross into other shows; those other shows will be named eventually. But what can I say?Who wouldn’t want a crossover?

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More Blogging for me

OK, so I’m finally getting a jump on my book writing, but this blog appears to be…lacking in some areas.

Which is why I’m going to be doing more blog posts.

Starting today, I will blog whenever I get a chance, and not just once in the morning every day. I will admit that I have no excuses for why my blog posts are short and lacking, so I must own up to it and start working.

Look for another blog to post to happen during the day.

My books Harry Moffer & the Dumbest Story Ever and The Summer of Our Discontent can be purchased on Smashwords.com.