Serial Saturdays: Crossovers

Today’s topic deals with the theme of crossovers.

With the surprisingly controversial Family Guy vs. Simpsons crossover, I decided to have a glance at the crossover that shocked my friends as I had first written it down.

The crossover between the Teen Rebels and Temmy & Venus.

For starters, “The Teen Rebels” is abut four kids who try to “fight the system” in a small town in the Central Coast of California , while “Temmy & Venus” is about a group of teenagers who form a band while living in Los Angeles.

But here’s the problem: The Teen Rebels takes place in 1988 while Temmy & Venus takes place in 1984. (which means that this crossover technically shouldn’t be happening at all.)

But then again, there have been a few references to Temmy & Venus in the Teen rebels, from a rival who tries to lure the gang to her party by inviting the infamous band ( which turns out ot be a sham), and Josie’s love interest Connor buying her a Temmy & Venus tape after a new friend tells him about the band.

But things really get going in season 2, when the two groups eventually meet. (plus, there have been a range of movies where the Teen Rebels and Temmy & Venus get together, but those were done mainly in the 1990s)

As for them meeting on the show, I’ll get there…soon!

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