FanFiction Fridays: Too Young for Fan Fiction?

Last week, I kicked off a blog post regarding the age of a person who writes fanfiction, and that age has turned out to be 12, about 13 years old. I soon began wondering to myself, “How young is too young for fanfiction?”

Well, I have read fanfiction written by teenagers and to be honest, some of those stories are a bit mediocre at best. The writers of those stories don’t seem to know much about story structure or proper grammar, the writing is too all over the place, and there is an incredible amount of self-inserts and slash pairings that are in the story.

In this case, fanfiction is just something that is little more than fan devotion to a certain book or movie.

But should we allow children to write fanfiction, knowing that there is a huge amount of crap that is out there in the world? Should parents know about their children’s fanfiction?

I’ll leave that one up for debate.

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