Fantasy & Asperger’s, Part VII

When we last left off, Juniper Chadwell and Caleb Ketterbridge are now living in their own fantasy worlds, but they quickly discover that their fantasy worlds aren’t what they were cracked up to be.

Now comes the part where we are focusing on Juniper as she goes from a girl who shuts out the world to a girl who learns to live in the world.

When we first meet Juniper in the story “Adventures in Eswoth”; she is little more than a fangirl of “The Trees of Light” trilogy by D. B. Painter. In fact, she likes the books so much that she makes the fatal mistake of shutting out other books (that are probably much better than the Trees of Light) as well as shutting out her family and other people who could easily lend her an ear.

But when she wanders off into an abandoned house one day after school and ends up in an alternative world, she quickly learns that living solely in her imagination has shielded her from the harsh realities of life, and because she ignored the real world, its problems have seeped into her fantasy world.

We shall see if she manages to survive her twisted fantasy and go back home next week.

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