Strong Female Characters, Part III

Or the blog post where we don’t need any more strong women.

To be honest, haven’t we had enough of women who kick butt in a chainmail bikini? TO me, that’s not a strong female character, that’s just disgusting. What we need are some well-rounded female characters, women who are not afraid to be weak.

We need women with flaws.

We need women who are clumsy, stubborn, angry, messed-up, forgetful, whimsy, and (dare I say it) silly. We need women to not just be “strong”, but to be other things as well.

We need to see women as people.

I mean, what’s wrong with a woman who sits on the sidelines? What if that woman doesn’t want to get in on the action? What if she doesn’t want to “kick butt and take names”?

I’ll be back with this issue, as we really need to say “goodbye” to strong female characters, in books, movies, and TV.

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