Serial Saturdays: Love in the Time of HIV/AIDS

While I was writing Chapter 6 of “The Teen Rebels“, I began thinking about the time when AIDS was prominent in 1980s culture. during that time, AIDS struck and killed a record number of people, mostly men. Panic and fear rocked the entire world.

But what does AIDS have to do with the Teen Rebels?

Josie and her friends learn about this the hard way after having to watch a teacher suffer from AIDS and die. Josie also learns that her mother’s former fiance has AIDS, which he blames on witchcraft.

She, Seth, and Moira also learn a hard lesson about life when Trixie claims to have gotten AIDS through rape (she was found to have something other than AIDS), but the AIDS scare has them thinking about their own mortality and the need to learn about birth control and condoms.

So, what does this mean for their love lives?

While Moira and Trixie don’t exactly get a boyfriend, Josie and Seth are lucky enough to get dates. But the dating won’t happen until the fourth season of the serial.

I’ll continue on this subject later.

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