Fantasy & Asperger’s, Part VI

Hubbleshots (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When we last left off, Juniper Chadwell and Caleb Ketterbridge discover that not all is well in the real world.

Juniper walks into her fantasy world and instead of being a pretty princess as she’s always imagined herself to be, she sees herself as more “alien-like“. Caleb, however, changes from a near-Harry Potter-like appearance into the fairy prince that he was meant to be, and it scares him almost to death.

Also, Juniper discovers that her new life isn’t very exciting at all, not since she learns that her family is dead and she is forced to flee from the castle that she imagined herself living in. Caleb, however, discovers that the world outside his room isn’t such a terrible place and the only people who want to hurt him were his (now dead) parents.

Little do they know that now was the time for them to adapt to their new world, for better or for worse.

Next week, I’ll be focusing mainly on Juniper’s journey as she goes from a girl who shuts out the world to a girl who learns to live in the world.

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