Fan Fiction Fridays: Tool or Crutch?

In this week’s edition of FanFiction Fridays, I’m going to be talking about  whether or not fanfiction is a tool for writers or a crutch that hinders true creativity. Since no one seems to know the difference between the two, I’m going to be putting it into small words that you can understand this debate.

According to several websites, fanfiction is a good way to prepare for writing, but it’s not going to get you very far. As with all things, writing means to create a world and characters that inhabit that world, and you aren’t really doing that if you’re writing fanfiction.

Which is why we need to learn how to create our own stories.

there are some authors out there who object to fanfiction, and they believe that we should learn to create our own stories. (Because in the end, you’re just playing with someone else’s toys) But thanks to publishing, people are finding ways to squeeze past that restriction and push their stories onto the world. (Yes, I think Cassandra Clare‘s Mortal Instruments series are very good, but you don’t care to hear it)

Plus, obsessing over something (such as a book, TV show, movie, or celebrity) seems to limit your own ability to create something new and interesting. It also takes up too much of your time, time that you could be spending doing something else.

Which is why fanfiction should only be for people just starting out or teenagers , who just need a creative outlet. Also, if you want to be taken seriously as a writer, ditch the fanfiction (unless you happen to get lucky enough to write for television, of course).

Also, retellings and parodies don’t fall under that category, despite what others think, as retellings just bring a sense of freshness to the story and parodies have poked fun at the story in question.

So don’t spend too much of your time on fanfiction; original writing is much better than what you could come up with in fanfiction. I’ll be back next week with a controversial topic.

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