Fantasy and Asperger’s Part V

The Creation of the Two Trees figured in Tolki...
The Creation of the Two Trees figured in Tolkien’s fantasy world, Arda (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When we last left off, Juniper Chadwell and Caleb Ketterbridge are stranded in a completely different world than the world they imagined.

For starters, Juniper imagines herself to be a princess in another world. Yet when that vision comes true, she learns that things are not always what they seemed to be, especially when she discovers that her family has been killed wand she is forced to flee from her castle before she dies.

As for Caleb, he discovers that far from being an ordinary young boy with Asperger’s, he is really a missing fairy prince who must restore his magical world before it is destroyed forever.

The two children in question now have the power to form and shape the new world that they are in, never minding the fact that their old worlds could have used some forming and shaping as well. They must also put aside their former lives and take up new lives for themselves, no matter how much it hurts.

Next week, I’ll be getting into more detail about their lives in the fantasy world.

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