FanFiction Fridays: Who’s Been Reading Bad Fan Fiction?

In this week’s edition of FanFiction Fridays, I’m going to be talking about something that has really been bothering me as of late.

The lack of good fanfiction.

They say that 99% of fanfiction is complete and utter crap, and that is certainly true. There are already too many bad fan fiction stories out there and those get popular while good fanfiction are largely ignored. This bugs me more than anything else in the world, and in truth, everything in the world bugs me.

Anyway, I wish that there was a sweep on that eliminated every poorly-written story so that only the good things can be read. The filters are OK in themselves, but they don’t protect you very much against the junk that is everywhere on that site.

So what does this have to do with today’s post?

Plenty, as in I once wrote a series of bad Harry Potter fanfiction stories that explore everything that is wrong with fan fiction. I covered all the many sins in fanfiction, such as self-inserts, Mary-Sues, slash, and even an ending that is no doubt familiar to most adults.

But that’s not all I have done.

I had eliminated most of my Harry Potter fanfiction after suffering from writer’s remorse and the stories were just bad writing. I vowed that the next time I wrote fanfiction, I would make sure to plan it out BEFORE submitting it to any fanfiction writing sites.

So far, I’ve stuck to that promise.

But enough about that.

I say that there’s too much bad fanfiction on the Internet and you need to know which stories are good or bad so that you can avoid those bad stories like it is the Black Plague. How that will be accomplished will be for a later blog post.

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