How to Prevent a Tragedy

Today, instead of rehashing out the same song that I play every year on this date, I am taking a completely different route and tossing out a story that I wrote last year regarding this tragedy.

In the story, three cousins, suddenly being given a newspaper with an article that detailed their untimely deaths on September 11, 2001, somehow find a way to prevent their murders and in doing so, they unknowingly prevent the September 11 attacks from happening.

As it says in the story: “The news broke out all over the country and around the world, but instead of an attack that killed 3,000 people, 19 men were arrested for plotting the attacks.”

If only they could have prevented the attacks from happening in real life, then the American people (and scores of others from around the world) would breathe a collective sigh of relief, then dealt with the crisis in hand, making sure that every year on that date, remind themselves of what would have happened had those three cousins not failed to put an end to a terrorist group’s plot to attack America.

If only we could go back and rewrite that story. what would have happened differently? how would the world function without a September 11 attack? What would have happened then?

Sad to say, we might never know the answer to that question.

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