Serial Saturdays: It’s Not Easy Being Different

In this week’s edition of Serial Saturdays, Josie, Seth, Moira, and Trixie are four completely different kids who live in a world where kids were expected to conform to the ways of teenage life.

But Josie and her friends aren’t about to conform to anything at all, not when they vowed to “fight the system“.

This means that instead of cowering in fear of the school bully, the kids stand up to her. Instead of wearing shirts that advertised cartoons, the kids all dressed in black. They never seemed to follow the school’s strict rules and even called out a few students and teachers on their past bad behavior.

But that’s not all to this story.

For all their fighting against the life of a teenager, life as a teenager grew rough for them, from past abuse to teen pregnancies, even kidnappings and being forced to work at a circus, all which hastened the end of their time as children and ushered in the beginning of their lives as adults.

As they say, you can build a child, but you can’t fix an adult.

There are also a few moments in the story where the kids do wish they were like everyone else, yet they don’t know that “everyone else” has their own problems, such as a relative who died from AIDS or drug overdose, child abuse, and (in the case of several supporting characters), they had lost their families because they angered Sheila Baines with their very existence.

Yeah, being different today was hard, but back in the year 1988, it could cost you everything, including your life.

Now you know.

(plus, I plan to introduce the characters in the story at a later point)

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