Fan Fiction Fridays: Restrictions?

Today’s weekly post of Fan Fiction Fridays will now focus on that one word that humanity hates: restrictions.

We don’t like restrictions, but that’s why they exist: to restrict you from doing things that you shouldn’t do. History has shown multiple times the tragedies of people overstepping their boundaries and trying to eliminate restrictions that they feel has been unfairly placed on themselves or others.

So where does fan fiction come in?

I have spent many years reading good and bad fan fiction, so I guess it’s safe to say that FanFiction.Net really needs a big tune-up. I’m not talking about purging adult-oriented content (because I write fan fiction mainly for adults), but I’m thinking more of the terms of getting rid of tons of bad fan fiction that is destroying the world of fandom.

Plus, I’m tired of reading crappy fan fiction that doesn’t do anything else but take up space on the Internet.

Also, I’m beginning to wonder if I myself should say no to fan fiction. So far, I’m considering not allowing fan fiction of my works. This is because I have read too many stories that are nothing more than slash centered. (To this point, I will not tolerate any of my male characters being paired together, but that’s for another post) Plus, there is the matter of poor grammar, bad writing, and Mary-Sue characters for us readers of fan fiction to contend with.

I know that fan fiction is helpful in many ways, but it’s like junk food; only to be enjoyed in small doses. Too much junk food can lead to obesity, just as too much fan fiction could stifle your ability to create your own works.

So should there be restrictions on fan fiction? Yes, there should. If 99% of everything written on FanFiction.Net is utter crap, then fan fiction really doesn’t belong in your face now does it?

I’ll be getting back to my fan fiction blog, where I only write “good” fan fiction instead of crap.

Thank you.

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