Fantasy & Asperger’s, Part II

The Creation of the Two Trees figured in Tolki...

The Creation of the Two Trees figured in Tolkien’s fantasy world, Arda (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Last week, I wrote about the dangers of fantasies and Asperger’s and the links between them. I also included the stories of three youngsters who have Asperger’s and their obsessions with the world of fantasy. (OK, I’ve had some  people pointing out that Janette doesn’t really have Asperger’s, just social anxiety. I’ll be dealing with that later)

As for Juniper Chadwell and Caleb Ketterbridge, they are the classic examples of having Asperger’s. Both of them are detached from the world, have little to no interaction with their parents, and shut out other people who might be able to help them. To make things worse, they both seem to spend more time fantasizing about having adventures in magical worlds instead of being with other people.

But that’s not the worst of it.

Juniper ends up being attacked and kidnapped, which leads to her fantasizing about being in her favorite book while Caleb discovers that the fantasy world that he dreams about is actually real. Both of them, who have spent countless hours living in their fantasies, are now forced to deal with their issues as well as how to survive in their own fantasy worlds.

Next time, I’ll write about how Juniper and Caleb learn how to live in the worlds that they created for themselves.

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