Serial Saturdays: Rise of the Age of Cartoons

Last week, I wrote about the show St. Elsewhere, and then I began to wonder what my characters have to say about cartoons

After all, they grew up during the late 80’s.

Josie, Seth, Moira, and Trixie are living in a world that thrived on Saturday morning cartoons, as most of their classmates made sure to get up early on Saturday morning and watch TV. Of course there were some teenagers who find like to watch TV and there were those who felt that sleeping until 9:00 AM was more important than getting up at 7:00 AM and wasting three hours in front of the television.

Well, as for the infamous four, they spend their Saturday mornings not watching TV, but plotting to “break the system” that has imprisoned scores of teenagers who might be doing more important things, such as cleaning their rooms and helping with the household chores. Plus Josie stopped watching cartoons the minute that she realized that she was getting too old for cartoons anyway.

Plus back in those days, cartoons were for children only, and no adult was allowed to watch cartoons.

I’ll be going over a list of popular cartoons later, but for now, cartoons and Teen Rebels don’t mix.

Now you know.

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