On Asperger’s and Fantasy

Today, I have a very controversial topic to discuss.

Mainly the topic of Asperger’s and fantasy.

As a person who just happens to have Asperger’s, I create characters who shut out real life and replace it with fantasy. An example of these characters are Juniper Chadwell, Caleb Ketterbridge, and more recently, Janette Lennox. These three kids have issues stemming from a lack of parental interaction, isolation (self-imposed in Janette and Juniper’s case, yet in Caleb’s case, he was isolated by his parents), and even peer intimidation.

With these elements, it is a small wonder why these kids often retreat into the world of fantasy.

In Janette’s case, she dreams about being reunited with her missing parents. In Juniper’s case, she fantasizes about being in her favorite story (more on that later). As for Caleb, he just wants to be normal.

This is a very dangerous thing, as all three kids experience some degree of pain before things improve for them.

I’ll be continuing this blog post later.

My books “Harry Moffer & the Dumbest Story Ever!” and “The Summer of Our Discontent” are available on Smashwords.com.


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