Serial Saturdays: Please Do Not Feed the Trolls

:title : Internet troll – As trolls are as old...

:title : Internet troll – As trolls are as old as mankind, so internet trolls are as old as the internet. –wiki-vr :illustrator : JNL (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Last week’s blog post dealt with the Teen Rebels facing their enemy Sheila Baines.

As you may recall, Sheila is the loud, rude, and very abusive girl who rules Montagne Beach Middle School with an iron fist. No one is safe from her sharp tongue, not even the teachers. (in fact, Sheila once tried to tackle the principal, who just assigned her detention, but was subdued by several brave students)

So, anyway, back to the big topic: do not feed the “trolls

There are times in the Teen Rebels series that the four of them (Josie, Seth, Moira, and Trixie) are being forced to deal with trolls. They range from the form of the cruel Sheila Baines to the people who they are unfortunate to deal with, and there are times when they themselves act like trolls to people they don’t like.

So why the words “please do not feed the trolls“?

As Josie grows up, she must learn that there is more to life and just “fitting in” and being part of the “in-crowd“. She decides to fight for the rights of those who are unable to grow up properly because of their disabilities. Seth must deal with the trolls that came from his many mistakes. Moira and Trixie must deal with the trolls who would no doubt mock them due to their tragic pasts.

So, that’s why we should never feed the trolls. If anything, we should learn to starve the trolls and let them die.

Now you know.

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