Finishing Harry Moffer & the Really Stupid Sequel

Today is the day that I’m FINALLY going to finish the Camp NaNoWriMo project, Harry Moffer & the Really Stupid Sequel.

To recap: Harry Moffer and his friends, Pun Teasley and Hildegarde Lamer, return to Warthogpox High and discover that the entire school is a very poor version of High School Musical. Plus, to make matters worse, Harry is kicked out of school and is forced to deal with Pun’s insane sister Fanny, who likes him and crushes anyone who dares to speak to him.

So now you know.

Now, it’s time for me to put in the rest of the fake song parodies that re featured in this story (with all apologies to the people who made the songs that are being parodied, of course).

My books Harry Moffer & the Dumbest Story Ever and The Summer of Our Discontent are available for purchase on


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