Serial Saturdays: Back from Camp NaNoWriMo

This week on Serial Saturdays, I’m now getting back into the writing after taking a bit of a hiatus to participate in Camp NaNoWriMo. And now, it’s over, and I now have plenty of free time to get a few chapters done before NaNoWriMo hits for real.

Where we last left off: Josie and her friends humiliate a rival who was responsible for ruining her life while dealing with Trixie and Moira’s past abuse. And thanks to some prior incidents, the middle school is now on probation, with a stifling set of new rules being put into place.

Now that I’m hitting my stride with episode five, the Teen Rebels must deal with Sheila’s adoptive parents (who are yuppies) while a shocking tip about a crime leads police officers Olson and McCleary in Sheila’s direction…

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