Camp NaNoWriMo, Day 28

Guess what, everyone? Only 989 words for me to write!

I’m very happy that I’m almost done with Camp NaNoWriMo that I could celebrate right now. I’m still writing Chapter 10 of The Beginning of the End and the story that I have written, The Summer of Our Discontent, is slowly being deconstructed. Most of the stories that I have written have been proven false, with the Teen Rebels suspecting that a very cruel man was the reason why Tanya vanished and why their summer vacations were utterly ruined.

Plus, Mara has admitted to lying about her uncle being in jail, Stuart and Pearl don’t know who their parents are, Irene is Rarity’s long-lost sister, and Trevor reveals that his mother is on a tour of duty (which is why he’s staying with his father)

And all of that is happening in the course of one chapter in the story. But I’m not done writing The Breakfast Gang just yet; I’ve got some more stuff to torment my darlings with.

And yes, you’re welcome to buy my books Harry Moffer & the Dumbest Story Ever and The Summer of Our Discontent on


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