Camp NaNoWriMo Day 27

After finishing chapter 9 (due to the fact that I forgot to add a very important part of the story), I’m finally moving on to chapter 10. The tribute to “The Breakfast Club” has begun.

Well, technically, it was the work of the Upright Students Brigade, a group of students which is seeking to stop immature students from being silly and not taking their high school education seriously. According to the group, Mara, Stuart, Irene, Pearl, and Trevor had broken various school rules and are accused of engaging in anti-social behavior; this was why they had to serve detention.

Without the knowledge of the vice principal, the five kids are forced to spend an entire day in the library, cut off from the world and forced to write an essay about why they chose not to be like the other students at the school. Well, that’s not all that happened.

Now to take a feature film and make it into a chapter in the story about a group of teenagers who refuse to grow up.

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