Camp NaNoWriMo, Day 17

(I’m calling this one “All In One Friendship, part 2)

Ok, since I couldn’t get that chapter done on time, I’m breaking it into three parts. Yesterday dealt with the Teen Rebels worrying about becoming a clique, and thanks to a (false) announcement from the principal, the kids decide to temporarily break the clique.

But that’s not all.

In another classroom, Trevor breaks with Grace and Jackie following Shara’s latest video, which has the two girls in question blatantly making fun of him. Grace and Jackie attempt to protest, but the situation blows out of control.  

Well, sometimes in life, some friendships aren’t meant to last.

Anyway, Shara tries to make friends, but her efforts fail. She even tries to hang out with the disabled students, but she doesn’t impress them very much (plus, she summoned to the principal’s office, where Kara and Gemma tell her that she’s breaking school rules by associating with the school’s “outcasts”; luckily, the principal stops the two girls from punishing Shara)

Anyway, I’ll be having less drama than usual, since the story needs a break from all the heavy stuff.

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