Camp NaNoWriMo, Day 15

Today is Halfway Day! (which means that I am halfway to my word count goal with 32,903 words written)

I’m officially halfway through the month, but I’m still on episode six. (to date, I have broken apart each chapter and will rewrite them as I see fit.) And as far as things go, my alter ego calls the story about Tanya Shinnok “the biggest hoax in history since the story of Anastasia Romanov“.


There goes the public’s interest in the story about Tanya Shinnok. (but the missing character in question is glad that everyone has forgotten about her; but will she skip town?)

Anyway, the Teen Rebels (or Team Sescape as they prefer to be known as) will have to find new friends and a new ringleader, since their old one is gone (and declared to be just an imaginary friend). But will Shara rise to the occasion, or will she be content to remain on the sidelines.

I better get this chapter done today.

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