Camp NaNoWriMo, Day 9

Yesterday was kind of slow, with me only getting 1,000 words written. But hopefully, I’ll be back to writing 2,000 or more words today (if I’m not being lazy, that is!).

Now that I’m on episode 3 of the story, things have just taken a strange turn. A girl turns on her kidnapper and has him arrested on a multitude of crimes. The Teen Rebels accuse Shara of not acting like a teenage girl. Pearl gets a mysterious new classmate. And someone in Tanya’s past returns to finish what he/she started.

Overall, there is so much at stake for the Teen Rebels and in order to solve the mystery behind Tanya’s disappearance and (hopefully see her again, though I’m not promising that it’s going to happen), they’ll have to go into the past of one of the most mysterious characters in the story (namely Tanya Shinnok).

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