Camp NaNoWriMo, Day 7

Ok, now that it’s a week since I started Camp NaNoWriMo, I am finally getting this story in gear. (I was supposed to have this done in 2011, but as usual…DISTRACTIONS! I really need to see a doctor about this and soon!)

Anyway, now that I’m at this point, the kids are settling into their new school, yet they have to deal with a large group of students who hate them because they refused to bully a disabled girl and instead, befriend said disabled girl. Shara suspects that something is up when she questions a group of students about their history with Tanya Shinnok.

But that’s not the main problem.

There was a monster that ran loose in the streets that caused the deaths of four young girls during the years 1987 and 2005, and was rumored to have killed a girl back in the year 1974. (why didn’t anyone stop this horrible man, you ask.) Also, he is connected to several secondary characters as well as one of the main seven in a very shocking way.

That’s all for now! Now back to work for me.

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