Serial Saturdays: The Times That We Live In…

Official Portrait of President Ronald Reagan

Official Portrait of President Ronald Reagan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well, while I have yet to send Josie, Seth, Moira, and Trixie off to high school, I’m now on episode 5 of the Teen Rebels and as such, I know for sure that there is a lot of talk about how the Teen Rebels take down bullies whom not even the teachers want to deal with. But it’s not over yet.

If you thought that life today was tough, then life in the year 1988 would be a bit unbearable. For starters, bullies were running the school unchecked, unchallenged, and intimidating students at will. Plus, there was also the issue of teen pregnancy, which some of my characters experience. There was the big issue of drugs and alcohol consumption, which affected the kids of that time. Plus, we might not hear too much in the way of politics, but the political drama of the Ronald Reagan administration is still there.

The reason for this blog post is to illustrate the fact that while kids are a bit freer than today, the troubles are still there. There will be no shortage of troubles that the Teen Rebels will have to face, and anything horrible that could happen to a teenager will happen to them.

So now you know.

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