Serial Saturdays: Abuse Your Darlings

The Saturdays

The Saturdays (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This week on Serial Saturdays, I have a controversial topic to discuss, namely the term “ABUSE YOUR DARLINGS”.


Well, let’s start:

Josie Tremlett-Kahn is considered “normal” by the standards of the many other characters in my serial novel, “The Teen Rebels”. She lives with her (still-married) parents, doesn’t have any mental or physical issues, and even gets along with her younger brothers and sister.

But away from her family are some of the unhappiest characters that I have ever created. For starters, both Moira Downing and Trixie Kalbrunner have been sexually abused by someone who despised both of them and Seth burke is a racist hothead. Yet why they became friends with the seemingly normal Josie is anyone’s guess, and Josie begins to feel the negative effects of being around three severely damaged children.

Also, I don’t plan to leave Josie too unscathed for too long, as she learns that being friends with children who hate themselves damages her and everyone surrounding her. She will often wonder why she befriended Seth, Moira, and Trixie and eventually pay for her decision to befriend them in several life-changing ways.

The bottom line is, though, if you are unwilling to hurt your darlings, then you will have a boring story, and nobody wants to read a boring story, right?

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One thought on “Serial Saturdays: Abuse Your Darlings

  1. maspring37

    Thank you for the pingback on my story. I still don’t know how to do half the things on WordPress such as ping backs, so once again , thanks for reading it.


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