Fanfiction Fridays: Changes to “Harry Potter Redux”

In 2007, I started writing the fan fiction known as “Harry Potter Redux” shortly after learning about how disappointing “Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows was. For starters, I decided to cut out the fairy-tale abusive relatives (as that is just too cliched and not very good writing), made Harry go into Ravenclaw, and even outsmart Dulbmedore at his own game.

But now, I’m turning the first part of the story into the book “No Stones for Sorcerers (part 1 of Harry Potter Redux)”, and the changes to the stories are as follows:

  1. Professor McGonagall protests Dumbledore‘s decision to place Harry Potter with the Dursleys
  2. Jacquel Romanov being born in 1981
  3. Harry Potter actually is biracial (I’ll explain that in next week’s post)
  4. Harry goes to Hogwarts and makes new friends instead of hanging out with Ron and Hermione
  5. Harry goes into Ravenclaw
  6. As I have said before, Harry tries to beat Dumbledore at his own game; he also refuses to become the hero that the wizarding world needs

And that’s only the first part of the story.

Next, I’ll move onto the second part of the story, where Harry must solve the mystery of the Chamber of Secrets and dodge Ginny Weasley, who has a crush on him.

So there you have it.

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