Day 26

Sometimes I’m beginning to wonder how much a writer can handle in life.

I have many stories that are consistently being shelved and I wonder, is it really worth being written or simply thrown away? I really hate to see a good idea being tossed because of my doubts.

Anyway, I wonder if I should just toss around a bunch of short stories based on those stories, as opposed to making them full-length novels. Maybe that’s the answer to the problem that I’m facing.

Besides, the stories can easily be read in a single sitting.

Well, I’ll let you know my decision tomorrow.

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One thought on “Day 26

  1. rolandclarke

    Short stories are a good starting point. And if there seems like more lurking in the plot then expand it… to a novella or a novel. A lot of my shorts are evolving into a collection of loosely linked tales.


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