Camp NaNoWriMo Day 16

My next story in the Harry Potter parody: a hi...

My next story in the Harry Potter parody: a high school musical! (Photo credit: claireviolet82)

Things are heating up now for our intrepid hero.

After learning about Hildegarde‘s attack, Harry, Pun, and Jill set off to do battle with Fanny, Pun’s sister who is causing all sorts of trouble for the students at Warthogpox High School. As we all know, Harry refused to date Fanny because she was crazy and she imagines him to be the famous fantasy hero Larry Dobber. Fanny is also cruel to her older brother Pun.

(After a day of catching up, I’m now ready to finish the draft and begin editing the story) I’m almost at my goal, so there you have it.

In this chapter, the real truth behind the attacks is revealed, yet Harry finds out the truth about himself and a certain other character. But what it is, I’m not telling.

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