Camp NaNoWriMo, Day 3

Michael Jackson

Cover of Michael Jackson

Ok, so I’ve completed Chapter 1 of the story and squeezed past Chapter 2 without any problems, but now it’s time for Chapter 3.

In this chapter, the two unpopular students (I mean, bullies) Tarcey Pate and Junia Brown attempt to cause trouble for our grim heroes, but Pun puts them in their place with an unforgettable rendition of Michael Jackson’s Beat It. This causes the two bullies in question to be sent to the principal’s office, but Harry lays into him regarding him standing up to the bullies.

In all hindsight, Pun is getting sick and tired of being pushed around.

So, I need to hurry up and finish the chapter so I can move on to Chapter 4 tomorrow.

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