The Rasputins Return!!!

Grigory Rasputin, Major General Putyatin and C...

Grigory Rasputin, Major General Putyatin and Colonel Lotman (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Years ago, I wrote a story about the Rasputins and how they dealt with the Teen Rebels. Gregory, the leader of the pack, claims to be a descendant of the infamous monk (seeing as the real-life Rasputin was known mainly for his sexual prowess as well as destroying the Russian Empire, and he did have some descendants). His family is related to Moira Downing, but she isn’t too fond of her grandfather or her famous ancestor.

Also, they appear during the Teen Rebels Thanksgiving episode, when the kids deal with the fallout of a chaotic event and Moira must face some harsh truths about herself and who she really is.

So far, the Rasputins cause nothing but trouble and annoy the heck out of Moira and the other Teen Rebels, yet Bartok (who doesn’t like to go along with his crazy family’s antics) seems to be a friend to the Rebels.

But I’ll have more on this story later.

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