There are two sides to every story

Yesterday, as I was plotting out season 2 of the Teen Rebels, I noticed that the second half of season 2 centered mainly on the families of the Teen Rebels and how they dealt with their children’s disappearance. Secrets are revealed and several of these families fall victim to betrayal and are shunned.

But the other half of the story is that the Teen Rebels (plus Jacey Mayford and Eugene and Lena McMillan) are stuck working at the Wonder Circus (they don’t actually meet Anthony Snyder or Jacqueline Sophia Williams) after they were discovered by a circus worker. Although the kids seemed to enjoy a summer of freedom and no rules, Josie begins to feel homesick and regrets her decision to have the Teen Rebels escape to Vegas.

Thus, the summer of 1988 is a summer that their lives changed forever and they are forced to grow up.

Anyway, I’m getting ready to finish at least half of season 1 of the Teen Rebels and see where the story goes from there. I’m also beginning the Temmy and Venus serial novel, for the same reason.

So, that is all.

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