Reposted. I will be sure to use these tips in editing my manuscripts.

Diane Tibert

Keep it cleanQuestion: What’s the difference between a badly formatted manuscript and a clean manuscript?

Answer: The price you’ll pay to have it edited or formatted.

It’s difficult to edit a horribly formatted manuscript, so the editor might clean it up a bit to make it more manageable. Anything that cost an editor time will cost you money.

If a horribly formatted manuscript is sent to someone to format into an eBook or paperback, it’s going to cost extra because it will take extra time to create a workable copy.

The writer can save her hired hands time and at the same time save money by learning the basics of how to create a clean manuscript.

It all starts here…with this weird little symbol that probably has a name but I don’t know it. I’ve called it ‘the one who reveals all’…all the wrong formatting techniques. Here’s its mugshot:

Cleaning up a manuscript example Image 2


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