Sleeping Blogs Awaken!

Do you have that feeling when your well of creativity dries up and suddenly, you find yourself blocked with no direction to take the story?

Well, I’m kind of dealing with that right now.

There were several blogs that laid dormant while I actively pursued my fan fiction blog; those blogs need to be re-activated again so that I can come out with some new material. I have already written reams of short stories and that seems to be doing well, but I need more material to work with and right now, the ability to come up with some new stuff is just out of reach.

Anyway, my blog Stories in 5 Minutes got a huge boost yesterday, no thanks to the many short stories that I have written on several writing websites (I still have more stories that need to make their way onto the blog). There’s still no word on the Charlie Bone Blog, or the Fantasy Central Blog, although the latter will be updated soon,

So there you have it.

And yes, you can buy my book Harry Moffer & the Dumbest Story Ever on


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