NaNoWriMo 2013 Update: Thankswriting Week

Thanksgiving at the Trolls

Thanksgiving at the Trolls (Photo credit: martha_chapa95)

While most of America prepares for Thanksgiving, I am preparing for Thankswriting week.


Because this is the week that is going to decide if I’m going to actually win NaNoWriMo for the third year in a row, or fail miserably and possibly abandoning the story altogether. Who knows what’s going to happen next with my story?

Anyway, I’m wrapping up Chapter 10 of Janette Lennox and moving on to Chapter 11, and our intrepid heroine is beginning to succeed, much to the chagrin of her classmates. She also deals with her mother’s relatives and learns of the legacy that her parents left for her, which was the stolen Book of Magic. (Plus, I had to chop Chapter 11 in half, as I would have done too much in one day. I really need to pace myself, but that’s the problem when you enjoy writing like I do)

And yes, you can buy my book Harry Moffer & the Dumbest Story Ever on

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