NaNoWriMo 2013 update: STILL Chapter 2

I’m still on chapter 2 of Janette Lennox and I’ve yet to send her to Gamaris; she needed to actually become of proper age to learn magic and to find out about her family’s secret past.

For starters, I’ve eliminated the storyline of the kid having to be 11 years old to attend magic school (because you wouldn’t give a wand to a little kid, would you?), and I’ve also gotten rid of the house sorting storyline as well (I also thought that it was a very dumb idea, as it segregates kids and causes discord in the school).

Anyway, Father Wooten (Janette’s guardian) tells her about the time that her father, Linus Lennox, and a group of desperate men stole the fabled Book of Magic from a very evil witch and incurred her wrath. Linus and his wife, Helen, sent Janette to the church for her own protection and then disappeared without a trace. Rumors about their deaths at the hands of the witch swirl around Magical England, but no one really knew what happened to Janette…until now.

Well, I’m going to see if tomorrow will be the day that I actually finish Chapter 2; I want to write chapter 3 now!


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