NaNoWriMo & Me, part 4

Illustration in Carmilla, Joseph Sheridan Le F...

Illustration in Carmilla, Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu’s vampire story. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The fourth story is called Life, Sin, & Blood and it was written for NaNoWriMo 2011. In this story, a popular girl named Nadia Coffey loses EVERYTHING and must live with relatives in Columbus, South Carolina. While trying to fit in, she meets a vampire named Adam Norwood, and they go on an adventure of epic proportions.

Nadia Coffey was the kind of girl who had it all: friends, popularity, looks, and a family who she cared about…until it all goes away in an instant. When a fire burns down her house and her parents are killed, Nadia, her twin brother Drew, and her sister Chelle are sent to stay with their relatives Kurt Webster and Cheri Reyna, who live in Columbus, South Carolina with their children Lacie, Bruce, & Wayne Webster. While trying to fit in at Lochland High School, Nadia has an interesting encounter with a boy named Adam Norwood, who is not like the other boys she has known. Little does she know that Adam is a vampire with ties to Dracula himself; he and his siblings (Toby, Orlando, and Johanna) live in a castle at the edge of town with the Warrain Clan. This clan is headed by the famed vampire Javier Lockhart. Nadia’s realization about Adam not only leads to a thrilling adventure, but it causes nothing but trouble for her as well; and in order to defeat a powerful demon, Nadia will have to rely on Adam, even in he is dangerous and quite captivating at that.

Note: this isn’t your little sister’s vampire story, so I prefer that you keep this one away from her.


  • Last Chapter written: Chapter 20
  • Finished: no
  • words written: 93,315

Why is the story not finished: because I planned for 25 chapters and a sequel for this story. I plan to finish this story as soon as I can.

And yes, you’re welcome to purchase Harry Moffer & the Dumbest Story Ever on


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