When am I going to write the next chapter of the story?

"Alas, my poor little bride that was to b...

“Alas, my poor little bride that was to be!” – Frontispiece to The Story of the Mikado, Told by W.S. Gilbert, illustrated by Alice B. Woodward, London: Daniel O’Connor, 90 Great Russell Street, 1921. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well, as far as I know, I have to finish editing the story The Summer of Our Discontent, which is the first story in my teen mystery series The Green Hill Manor Mystery. (I think I’ll put up a blog on Blogger about the Teen Rebels eventually.)

But I will warn you now, it’s not going to be the same story that you read last year.

While I’m adding things and taking things out the story, I also need to figure out the theme of the story. Most stories about teens are the same; problems with school, parents, other students, and growing up. I want my story about the new Teen Rebels to be more than just that; this story deals with real-life issues, such as bullying, missing children, toxic friendships, lies, and the nagging question of whether or not we know our friends as well as we think.

So, there’s that.

And yes, you’re welcome to purchase Harry Moffer & the Dumbest Story Ever on Amazon.com.


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