A Story Slowly Returns to Life

My story “The Summer of Our Discontent” is slowly returning to life, no thanks to me aggressively going over what’s going on in the story.

The story so far: it centers mainly on the Teen Rebels and their summer, the summer their friend/ringleader Tanya Shinnok goes missing. Shara moves from San Francisco to the town where the Teen Rebels live, and she’s hiding secrets, secrets that the Teen Rebels aren’t meant to know. That part won’t change.

But there are some unnecessary plotlines and characters in the story that need to be eliminated, and I expect to deal with that today.

Also, I have to include several new plotlines, such as the mystery itself, the search for Tanya, and the reaction of various residents in town. So I’ll be busy today.

And yes, you’re welcome to purchase Harry Moffer & the Dumbest Story Ever and The Summer of Our Discontent (Season 1 of the Green Hill Manor Mystery) on Amazon.com. The Summer of Our Discontent is also available for purchase on Smashwords.


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