Small Changes and New Accounts

Today, I am announcing some small changes to my blogging schedule:

  • Whenever I update a blog, I’ll give you the link to the new blog post.
  • Whenever I update a story, I’ll give you a short summary about it.
  • If any blog post regarding writing catches my attention, I’ll let you all know.

The updates will also be posted on YouTube as well.

Also, I have a few new accounts for you to look at:

  • Gilpho: a different kind of blogging website, only you’re doing what’s called “social blogging“. You can guess what this means.
  • Squidoo: Another blogging platform, where you just write about the things that you like. I’ve yet to get started on this one

Before I close, I just want to inform you all that my book, Harry Moffer & the Dumbest Story Ever, is available for purchase on Kindle for $.99. Also, if you like my blog, then you can purchase a subscription (costs only $.99 monthly) and read new blog posts on your Kindle (it’s not yet available for the Kindle Fire). Click here to purchase the subscription:

I’ll be back with more!


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