My Book is available on Amazon for free

Kennedy Center at night

Kennedy Center at night (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For the next few days, my book “The Summer of Our Discontent” will be available for free on Amazon. This is the first story in the Green Hill Manor Mystery series (I have yet to finish the sequel and I’m not sure how many books are going to be in the series) and I have some re-editing to do since I’m not pleased with the e-book result right now.

Plus, I will be uploading the first chapter of the story on YouTube as a sampler, so if you want a preview of the book, you can have it there. I will also be publishing a novella about the Teen Rebels BEFORE the year 2010, when Tanya was still around and the kids go to Washington, D. C. for their eighth grade trip. Shara will also be there, and her class was performing for the president at the Kennedy Center For Performing Arts. I also plan to write some short stories about the Teen Rebels and their worst summer ever.

I’ll be back with more.


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